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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"The Deal" A Holiday Rhyme by, Michael B. Jackson

THE DEAL (A Holiday Rhyme)

It was a Sunday afternoon and the fellas and me, was watching the Super Bowl live on my color TV.
With two minutes left in the second, half time was near, so we drew straws for who’d go out for beer.
Herb drew the loser and was preparing to go, slipping on his galoshes to help fight the snow.
Suddenly the game was interrupted for an important news flash, right in the middle of the score tying pass.
We cussed the announcer ‘til it was a crying sin, the chump could have waited for the play to end.
But when we heard what he was saying we knew we wanted to know, so we just shut up and let him go.
He said, “A great day of sadness is upon us here, Christmas and Easter might be canceled this year.
Santa and the Rabbit were suspended from their spot. They were busted for smuggling marijuana and possession of credit card that were hot.
They were arrested at the Mexican border in St. Nicks Caddy Coupe, we knew we were witnessing a history-making scoop.
He said the Feds received a hot tip that Santa's big pink ride was heading this way with 10 kilos inside.
So they staked out the border until they came through, the rabbit was booked for a pistol too.
Now I was really shocked and really felt bad, about as choked up a feeling as I’ve ever had.
The announcer said, “More on this on the news at six,” then returned us to the game, half-time show was in progress and it began to rain.
Bill said he was always suspicious because he could never see how those dudes made a living giving away toys and colored eggs for free.
Stan said he was confused, why was everyone so mad, it was only weed and that ain’t so bad.
We all just shook our heads because it just goes to show, who is into what you can never really know.
As the game was about to begin the second half, I couldn’t help but think about my younger years past.

Because ever since I was a kid I always wondered and wanted to ask, where does the tooth Fairy get all her cash?     

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